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Do the ROBOT!

Posted on: May 28, 2009

Robot population to reach 1 million by 2010…

The future is upon us! Embrace technology! I can’t wait till I have a household humanoid. Think of the freedom that would bring. No more dishes, no more laundry. The house would always be spotless. No more yardwork, no more picking up dog crap. An amazing, world class dinner would be ready when I come home every night. It’s like having a maid, chef, gardener, personal assistant and google all in one! I could ask any question and have an immediate response. This is the future! And don’t let movies like terminator and irobot scare you. Artificial intelligence is harmless. People are the destructive ones. If there was ever a war between humans and robots, you can be sure who’d start it. 

via: The Daily Galaxy


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