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You Are Now AWARE

Posted on: May 27, 2009

As millions of us sit down to a nice dinner every night, enjoying luxuries like watching movies on our big screens and deciding what to wear in the mornings, do we ever take time to think about how are actions affect the world? “Outta sight, outta mind right?” Do we ever take a conscious moment to feel truly grateful for this blessed life we live? In true American spirit, most of us are always striving for more, which is a good thing, since this ambitious nature has lead to much progress. But in this ever-ending ‘quest for more’, most of us chase blindly. We have a million clothes in the closet, but somehow we don’t have anything to wear. Do we ever take a moment to think, that we are blessed to even have the option to change clothes. A lot of people in the world don’t have this luxury, they wear the same thing everyday and wash the clothes off their back, naked, in a river. Many people don’t even own a pair of shoes. 

Everyday, you see people driving down the street, eating their fast food, throwing their trash out the window. Everyday, you see those same people lighting up a smoke and flicking the butt out the window. The other day, I was stopped at an off-ramp, waiting for the light and their must’ve been a few thousand cigarette butts to my left. It was a disgusting sight. It made me sad, a little angry and I thought, “Why don’t people care? Don’t they see what they’re doing?” The answer is, No. They think, “Oh, it’s just one cigarette.” But it’s not, when a hundred thousand people a day are thinking the same thing. Don’t be lazy and think your actions don’t affect the world. They do. Most of us have empty water bottles in our car, just put the butts out in there and throw it in the trash at the end of day, not in the street. 

It’s time we start consuming less and caring more. With the current state of the economy, we’re almost forced to. I’m not saying go out  and crusade to end pollution and combat poverty. Just do your part, a little everyday. Stop tossing your gum wrappers out the window, throw your Del Taco wrappers in the trash, the little things sometimes mean the most. Be conscious and feel compassion.

I hope these pictures strike a chord within…

images via: GigaPica


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