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Coolest Trailer Hitch EVA!

Posted on: May 26, 2009

Dreadin’ that next family road trip to Yosemite, in the station wagon pulling the old camper behind you… Well you wouldn’t be if your parents hit up Mehrzeller to design your ultra-cool custom camper. Why look like the Hendersons when you can be like the Jetsons?!

via: Mehrzeller


18 Responses to "Coolest Trailer Hitch EVA!"

Where the heck is the shower?

Really neat!

Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a trailer… save the money and get a mobile home.

The shower is through a door. Your task now is to find that door

It’s looks really ugly from the outside :/

Looks like a caravan “Top Gear” have had their hands on 😉

I just don’t get it, doesn’t make it better just because its weirdly shaped, looks like its been through a riot zone heh.

[…] hade jag turen att hitta en trevlig husvagn. Visst är den […]

Or you could, you know… actually go camping…

It’s still just a sterile white box. Yeah, really comfortable.

That is freakin crazy!! It’s a little to modern for me, it doesn’t look very comfortable. Defiantly more show then go.

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Egad….that thing reminds me of that metal thing that killed people in demon seed!!

[…] Coolest Trailer Hitch EVA! Dreadin’ that next family road trip to Yosemite, in the station wagon pulling the old camper behind you… […] […]

That’s not a trailer hitch, it’s a trailer. The hitch is the part that you hook up to the trailer. This is a trailer hitch:!

can you imagine hitting yer head on one of those sharpass edges on the inside owwww!!!!!!

It looks like something Van Gough would design. Very neat.

This trailer is pointless, do you realize how much drag that thing creates as opposed to a more streamlined trailer? You’re looking at less fuel efficiency (which probably wouldn’t matter much if you can afford this thing) but you would also be straining the engine a bit more. I give it a thumbs down.

Wow! It looks like the epcot ball!

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