LIFE by Sophisticated Youth


Posted on: May 26, 2009

DSC03448I know how you feel… So full, yet so happy


DSC03449can’t… breath…

DSC03435Star of the Show

the feast


DSC03440Ya’ll ready for this; sea urchin, fish belly and abalone… Dig in!

DSC03441“Here’s lookin’ at you kid” – Mean muggin’

DSC03445Dessert soup – sweet red beans, green bean sprouts and tapioca balls (it’s actually pretty good)


Tonight, went out with the fam and grubbed real big… I can’t understand anything being said, so I just sit back, nod my head and enjoy the ride. Only thing I know how to say in Chinese is so good (ho sec) and so full (ho bow). And I hear a lot about nigohs and hos all night. lol

If you want some super-authentic Chinese food then try K & J Kitchen on Spring Mountain & Jones:

5960 Spring Mountain Rd #1, Las Vegas, NV 89146


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